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Stateside Presents / Psyko Steve / UM


Sun, December 16, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Club Red

Mesa, AZ

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

Once you find out that Astronautalis was born to a Texas train man with a nose crooked from bar fights and a pretty Kentucky girl who ran away from home at 17 to become a photographer, it becomes clear that he didn’t stumble into the life of a drifter, he was born into it. With a poet uncle who lived off horse betting and hitchhiking, grandfathers who were spies, sailors, and test pilots, and over 500,000 miles of touring under his own belt, you have to wonder where the tales in Astronautalis’ music end and the life of Andy Bothwell begins. Currently settled (for now) in Minneapolis, by way of Seattle, by way of Dallas by way of Jacksonville Beach, FL; Bothwell has spent almost every waking moment of the last 7 years, on the road, playing shows, earning scars, collecting/giving tattoos, grinding out a cult like fan base, and living up to his proud, storied, and whiskey soaked blood line.
Having started in music over 15 years ago as a battle rapper, Astronautalis’ roots are planted firmly in hip-hop. However, the sounds and styles on his albums are an animal not so easily caged, and his latest release, “This Is Our Science” is no exception to that tradition of wild genre bending. Like previous records Bothwell uses that limitless approach to aid in his vivid storytelling, but where “This is Our Science” takes a turn from tradition, is in the subject matter itself. While previous records read like historical fiction, documenting the lives of the bygone, the footnotes, and the forgotten, “This is Our Science” is pure autobiography. While there are flash references to scientists from the Age of Enlightenment and old dead French mountaineers, these ghosts serve merely as parallels, rest stops in the story of the last 7 years of Bothwell’s romance with the road.
To help shape this memoir, Bothwell called in help from the cadre of musical friends he has made in his travels across 4 continents, and created a sound as diverse as the cast that behind it. Once again under the guidance of Grammy nominated producer John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Bill Callahan, St. Vincent), “This is Our Science” finds rock darlings like Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara), Radical Face, (Electric President), members of Midlake & The Riverboat Gamblers all waltzing in time to the work of P.O.S. (Rhymesayers), Alias (Anticon/Sage Francis), Cecil Otter (Wugazi), Lazerbeak (Doomtree), and more of indie hip-hop’s finest. The resulting album is the full realization of everything Bothwell has been chasing after for 7 years. Neither a rap record, nor a rock record, it is a work that finally captures the vein popping intensity and high melodrama of his famous live shows. All the while, maintaining the steadfast literary tradition and masterful storytelling of his previous studio albums.
From the pounding drums and thick synths of the record’s opener, “The River, The Woods”, the roots in rap are clear. But, that foundation quickly crumbles as the choir swells on the dark electronic gospel of the title track, “This is Our Science”. After the banging funeral dirge of “Thomas Jefferson” (featuring Doomtree rapper Sims), the record blazes into the thick of Bothwell’s vagabond life with heart breaking road ballad of “Measure the Globe”. While songs like undeniably catchy, “Contrails” (featuring Tegan Quin) and the epic rock anthem, “Secrets On Our Lips” carry an astounding pop sensibility, there is something unnerving behind those big choruses and driving drums. In fact, there is something hiding behind every corner of this record, and much like the road Astronautalis traveled to make it, there is no map, no guide book, no way to prepare yourself, all you can do is press on forward and see what is waiting for you just around the bend.
Busdriver is fixed as one of LA music’s most dynamic indie artists. From his years as a cypher phenom at Project
Blowed to his years as a recording artist on Epitaph to his current role as co-head of Hellfyre Club, Busdriver has always
challenged rap in the most particular and thoughtful of ways.
BD’s first record, ‘Memoirs of the Elephantman’, was self released thru Afterlife records (a Project Blowed subcrew at
the time) in 1999. Not until his second self-released record, ‘Temporary Forever’, came out in 2002 did Busdriver step on
the world stage. Sleeper hit ‘Imaginary Places’ turned him into one of main beacons of left-leaning hip-hop at that
moment. During this time he was also emceeing at the Hiphop/Drum’n’bass night Concrete Jungle with Daddy Kev,
Myka 9, edit and DJ Hive.
After the new success of Temporary Forever, Busdriver signed with Mush records to do a collaborative album with beat/
production guru Daedelus and quirky rap talent Radioinactive in 2003. The project was called ‘The Weather’. Their album
toyed with daringly disjointed production and dexterous rap, writing in a way that Busdriver hadn’t in the past. The
project amassed a small cult following all its own and aligned Driver’s taste with the output of LA’s electronic music
In 2004, Busdriver began his relationship with Big Dada by releasing with them the Daddy Kev-produced mini-LP,
‘Cosmic Cleavage’. This was followed by Busdriver’s official 3rd album, Fear of a Black Tangent, released via Big Dada
in the EU and on Mush in the US.
Busdriver’s label dealings grew outside of the rap arena in 2007 when he signed to indie-punk mega-label Epitaph and
eventually, it’s more indie-music driven sister label, Anti-. Through them he released ‘RoadKillOvercoat’ in 2007 and
‘Jhellibeam’ in 2009. Both albums featured production from Dj Nobody, Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots and Boom Bip.
During these years, rap producer culture was in flux in LA and the newly founded Low End Theory began gaining
momentum. Producer eDIT (who becomes the head of Glitch Mob) featured Busdriver on ‘Crunk De Gaulle’ (also
featuring TTC) off his Alpha Pup debut, Certified Air Raid Material.
Computer Cooties came out in 2010 after BD parted with Anti-. It was a free mixtape featuring collaborations with Flying
Lotus, Anti-Pop Consortium, Sister Crayon, Daedelus and Open Mike Eagle. He followed this by joining Hellfyre Club
and forming Flash Bang Grenada, a two-man group made of Nocando (founder of Hellfyre Club and original resident of
Low End Theory) and himself, created solely to let their musings on popular rap themes run amok. They released their
debut ‘10 Haters’ in 2011.
In 2012, Driver released Beaus$Eros through Fake Four. The album was produced entirely by Loden and had features
from Cocorosie and Mike Ladd. It was a departure from rap writing into microclimates of experimental pop. The record
was coupled with Regan Farquhar aka Busdriver fronting a progressive power pop outfit briefly called Physiccal Forms.
That same year Driver released Arguments with Dreams, an EP marking a return to Big Dada. It was mostly selfproduced
with stand-out appearances from Das Racist on “Firehydrant” and HFC members Nocando and Open Mike
Eagle on “Wernor Herzog”.
In 2013, Driver helmed and oversaw the production of Dorner Vs. Tookie, the joint mixtape featuring efforts from all the
members of Hellfyre Club (Nocando, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, milo, Rheteric Ramirez, Kail, VerBS, Taurus Scott, The
Kleerz). While doing this Busdriver completed his 8th proper studio album, Perfect Hair. The album features production
from Mono/Poly, Jeremiah Jae, Great Dane, Kenny Segal and Riley Lake with guest performances from Danny Brown,
Aesop Rock and Mike Eagle. A follow up mixtape from Hellfyre Club in collaboration with producer collective Team
Supreme is planned for 2014.
More recently Driver has done collaborations with Modeselektor, Son Lux, Latyrx, Kool AD, Lapalux, Sonnymoon, P.O.S,
and others on various albums.
Listening to the hey-days of hip hop while growing up in Chicago, Jeffery Logan, better known today as Jel, adored the pioneers of his youth. Now living in Berkeley with the same SP-1200 beatmachine he started out with, Jel is making some of the grooviest electronic cuts around. Piling smooth rhymes over his unique beats, Jel has collaborated with the likes of Mike Patton and Sage Francis, contributed to several different projects, and drops considerable amounts of knowledge on today's generation.
Venue Information:
Club Red
1306 W. University Dr
Mesa, AZ, 85201