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Sat, January 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Valley Bar

Phoenix, AZ

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This event is 21 and over

Benn Jordan, known to many as "The Flashbulb", was raised by his grandparents in the notoriously rough Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. As an only child, he enjoyed playing jazz guitar, although being self-taught and left-handed, he learned to play it strung backwards, which now, decades later, is a notable asset to his unique style of playing.

Chicago's exploding acid-house scene of the early 1990's created a unique recipe for inspiration as Jordan started recording and releasing music as a teenager. His hyper-emotional, introverted, instrumental style paved and matured into his output today, a style with no real boundaries or desire to comfortably fit into a one-word description. This avant-garde approach, coupled with distinguished composition and extremely adept production, is what defines Jordan's style.

"The Flashbulb" began as one of Jordan's many "disposable aliases" in 1999 with an EP and full length release on the now defunct Metatone Records. In the following 3 years, The Flashbulb quickly gained global attention, with releases spanning on labels such as Accel Muzhik (Japan), Suburban Trash Industries (Germany), Sublight Records (North America), and Aphex Twin's own Rephlex Records (UK). By 2006, Jordan was also becoming successful as a television and film composer, and won a Cannes Grand Prix award among many others for his composition for Dove's hugely successful "Evolution" campaign. Frustrated by artistic and financial restrictions that came with his label agreements, Jordan bought back the licenses to his entire catalog and moved them to his own non-profit label and publisher, Alphabasic Records, where he still continues to exclusively release music today.

In 2008, Jordan released "Soundtrack To A Vacant Life" directly to torrent sites with a brief document explaining his relaxed views on music piracy and the evolution of the industry. This, being unorthodox for any established musician at the time, generated mainstream attention globally that further expanded his fan base and helped secure his decision to release music and tour completely independent from record labels, managers, or large distributors.

With the widely successful release of "Arboreal" in 2010, Jordan showcased his work composing for The New Millennium Orchestra and began shooting his own music videos. After moving his studio to a large building in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, Jordan opened a non-profit music education center and jazz venue called "32 Forty" and began working closely with The Adler Planetarium as a composer and curator.

Jordan's most recent release as The Flashbulb, "Nothing Is Real", is a seamless and beautiful montage of instrumental and orchestral compositions attempting to describe the feeling of
depersonalization disorder, which he has openly dealt with throughout his life. As with all of his releases, it continues The Flashbulb's unique tradition of being recorded, produced,
engineered, mastered, and released alone and independently.
Venue Information:
Valley Bar
130 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85004