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Wed, April 12, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Marquee Theatre

Tempe, AZ


This event is all ages

Composed largely of transplants to the Seattle area, The Head and the Heart write and play songs that speak to the newness of a fresh start, of the ghosts left behind, of moving forward, all brimming with a soulfulness and hope for a better life than the one we've all been sold.

Stylistically, think a folksy Beatles or Crosby Stills Nash & Young with more instrumental force. Catchy piano melodies stand side by side with a tight trio of harmonies, and solid minimalist drums, groovin bass, and plenty of hand percussion and foot stomps make the live show inspiring and really goddamn fun.

The band's eponymous first album was self-released at the end of June 2010

*Press Reviews:*

"A local six-piece, The Head and The Heart's sound recalls some of pop's truest masters–most notably, The Beatles and Rufus Wainwright... There's a cohesion, confidence and craft displayed in the songs that sounds more like something a seasoned band nit-picked at for years than it sounds like than a debut album." - Abbey Simmons, Sound On The Sound

"The Head and The Heart make a breed of infectiously catchy pop music with a good backbone. It's a classic sound that never gets old..." - Heather Browne, Fuel/Friends

"Textured harmonies, earnest piano and almost symphonic use of strings weave together layers of Americana that feel fresh and yet achingly familiar." - Katie Buono, Yours Truly

"The Head and the Heart is an album that begs to be heard as whole; the songs belong to each other. It's a diverse album--each track feels markedly different from the last-- but it moves effortlessly... There's an artfulness to this album, in both the lyrical themes and instrumental composition. As a debut LP, The Head and the Heart... should be celebrated." - Paige Richmond, Seattle Weekly

"The Head and The Heart's sweet, poignant lyrics pour out of the speakers in a sea of crafty, unexpected time signature changes with harmonies that just about stop the proverbial car... in an indie.alt.americana / Avett Brothers multi-genre encompassing appeal, all of which translates tenfold in their live performance." - Victoria VanBruinisse, Three Imaginary Girls

"The Head and The Heart's shows are inevitably fun as the dancing and clapping on stage spreads, breaking the crowd from their pensive appreciation of the music to active participants in the experience of it." - Kaylyn Messer, Seattle Scenester

"These cats have been progressively making a name for themselves with their strong song structures and mature sound. Their brand of folk can reach out to people across genres." - Seattle Show Gal
When DREAMERS—Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums)—talk about its debut LP This Album Does Not Exist, they assume a collective tone of considerate existentialism. They seek to counter the crassness of pop, the snobbery of jazz, and the pretention of indie that zaps the fun out of any music with meaning. Yet, they want to draw you in, indiscriminate of taste, style, or ideology.

Yet, these songs of playfulness come from a place of less—homelessness, joblessness, borderline hopelessness. In 2014, Wold simultaneously vacated a relationship and an apartment and began living in his Brooklyn practice room.

After two years of living in what Nelson jokes was a “musical prison,” Wold wrote than 100 songs, many of which ended up on This Album Does Not Exist.

So now, after bouts of vagrancy, nomadism, and vigilant attempts at normalcy, DREAMERS calls Los Angeles home, committed to its collective vision of artistry, inclusion, and idealism.

That’s the dreamer MO, after all—to find the joy in living and to chase it.
Venue Information:
Marquee Theatre
730 North Mill Avenue
Tempe, AZ, 85281-1204