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Tue, September 19, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Crescent Ballroom

Phoenix, AZ

$18.00 - $24.00

This event is 21 and over

Stephen Kellogg was born on November 28, 1976. He grew up in Southern Connecticut and in 1997 began his musical career in Northampton, MA while interning for a local club. A few years later, he married his high school sweet heart and began a well-publicized affection for his role as husband and later, father to their four daughters. Over the last decade he has performed more than 1500 concerts in more than a dozen countries, both solo and with a band. In 2013 Kellogg gave a TEDx Talk about job satisfaction. Recently on a tour of Europe, SK (as fans often refer to him) made a detour to play the Middle East, Africa and an aircraft carrier for the Armed Forces. Upon returning to the USA, he started his annual lyric writing campaign to raise money and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer. At first glance none of this has anything to do with his music, but Stephen Kellogg would argue, "it is the whole story. The music I make is a reflection of how I spend my time and what I care deeply about."

When it comes to performing, CBS Radio has called Stephen, "the best live act you've never seen." Another writer at No Depression magazine gives him the oddly flattering title of "the best songwriter you're not listening to." Interestingly though while Kellogg may not be a household name at present, he has persisted in building a substantial career, which has landed him on stage with some of the biggest touring acts in the country (Train, Sugarland, OAR, Josh Ritter to name a few), in the billboard charts, and with his songs as the backdrop of numerous films and TV shows (One Tree Hill, Men of a Certain Age, Mercy). Perhaps most importantly to Kellogg, he's ingratiated himself into the lives of his listeners. That sort of mentality has garnered him descriptions like this one from Macaroni Kid, "an unassuming manner, self-deprecating humor, a heart for those around him…100% genuine and utterly moving." His Americana-tinged, sometimes folk, often rock, occasionally pop stylings can make Kellogg hard to define, and his most recent four part album "South, West, North, East" embraces the notion of genre splitting to the fullest.

Recorded literally "all over the map", the premise of "South, West, North, East" was to record each section of the album in a different region of the USA, with different co-producers and different groups of musicians. "I've never felt that the genre was as important as the message and making the record this way was a chance to really explore that idea." The end result is a collection of 20 songs that defy categorization. The Southern rock flavor of "South" (recorded in Nashville and Atlanta) slides into the cowboy motif of "West" (recorded on a farm in Boulder, CO); and the more indie rock feel of "North" (recorded in a cabin in Woodstock, NY) gives way to the songwriter pop of "East" (recorded in Washington DC). "You often hear about the importance of 'picking a lane' and while I completely understand the marketing savvy and focus of that concept, I picked my lane a long time ago; it's called the 'words that describe what I believe to be true' lane."
I think I was eleven when I first realized I might like to take the stage as a
performer. I had been proudly singing different musical numbers around the
house for years, so I figured it was about time that I auditioned for a play. My
whole family piled into the tiny audition room to support me. Within a few
moments I was up on stage, terrified, staring at my feet, quietly singing my best
rendition of "Tomorrow" hoping that they would cast me as Annie.
I think I got the understudy for a non-speaking role in that play.
So you can understand why I honestly didn't dream of a music career until eight
years later when I was in college. I had played piano for a few years, and taught
myself how to play guitar in 2008. I loved the way music made me feel, and how
an honest song could tell a story with more intensity and emotion than any book
I'd ever read. I admired great songwriters like James Taylor, John Denver, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan--the artists who
inspired me to use my voice in a way that could be heard on a different level. So at nineteen I began creating my own world
of songs.
I released my first EP, Paper Heart in 2010 and my full length album, Red Balloon last year. I saw these records as a chance to
give my feelings a life of their own, and to express them in a way that was genuine and honest so that other people who felt
the same way could know they are not alone.
I was lucky enough to land some amazing opportunities following the release of these albums. Some of these include a
surprise Bill Murray cameo in my first music video (which was a highlight moment of my life) and the chance to play my
music all over the country where I've continued to meet amazing friends and fans.
After all these years I've finally overcome my stage fright and strangely enough, I truly feel at home when I'm up there
performing. I think that's because when I come down off the stage I meet people who thank me genuinely for writing a song.
They say it describes exactly where they are in life. That pinpoints the whole reason why I do this--because I believe I'm
standing before a group of people who feel the same way that I do and need to know that they are understood.
I just made a brand new EP in Oklahoma with producer Chad Copelin (Ben Rector, Christina Perri, Green River Ordinance),
and I decided to call it Promises. It talks about the ups and downs of life--what it feels like to have a crush, and (sadly) what it
feels like to be strung along waiting for someone to feel the same way, the big fights that change everything, the falling in love
and getting married, and what you need to hear from a friend on those rough days. These songs are from my heart, but I think
you might find that you've felt the same way.
My hope is that you just might find the anthem for your current season of life, or that you might be able to take the night off
and come to one of my shows and realize I'm singing about the same thing you felt yesterday. To me, music really does have a
world of its own, and a lot of times people connect there even if it's for different reasons. I'd love for you to come join in on
my world where feelings sound like songs, and I hope you feel at home.
Venue Information:
Crescent Ballroom
308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85003